Bug in the pinch gesture extension for touch devices

There is a bug with the pinch gesture extension. When you press the screen repeatedly with several fingers, after a while the bug occurs and the zoom goes to a value of 0. The layer shows the background color (no objects are visible) and does not return from that zoom value. I have tried the provided examples as in RPG (Top down rpg - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop) or isometric game (Isometric game - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop) and in these it also happens. All I did on these was download the extension and I make an event with the condition “at the beginning of the scene”, I execute the actions of change the extension constraint to “zoom only”, select the base layer that pinch gestures are applied to, and enable the extension. It is not necessary to press them repeatedly with many fingers, with only 2 after a while the bug occurs but it happens much less frequently; maybe there is some conflict with the stored touches. It should be noted that the extension never stops working, until the error occurs. I was able to know the zoom value of the layer it is applied to because I transformed that value into a text object placed on another layer.
This bug is not changed by the general settings of pinch gestures (either zoom with or without rotation) or in the case of disabling the movement of the mouse cursor when the screen is touched. As far as I have tested, the error does not occur if the extension is used only for rotation and not for zoom. This error is more likely to occur on phones with lower performance or running at lower frames per second.

I used to get this bug when resuming the app from a background state on mobile devices (or other similar condition where you touch the screen while load screen is on, or touch screen briefly to resume your game for example). When resumed, the first touch in game counts as the second touch to a “frozen ghost touch” that you used to resume the game even though you now only have 1 finger on the screen and everything “zooms out uncontrollably” (my laymans terms) and disappears. I fixed mine by capping the min zoom and also by disabling pinch zoom while loading or resuming from the background with a Welcome Back! or Loading screen with a “touch normalizing button” like Ok! or Play before allowing the pinch to zoom again. I have not notice the multifinger one you describe but probably only because the min zoom cap keeps it less noticeable.

I also set zoom limits both maximum and minimum, but noticed that the screen regularly zoomed out to the smallest zoom limit value. This is because I have an event where if the zoom is less than the lower limit, the zoom value is changed to the lower limit value. I have eliminated it to do the tests and determine the error and when it happens more, but this error usually happens to me even without the need to force any action (during the game). It is probably due to phantom touches. I have tried it on other cell phones and it also happens.

If anyone has this same problem, the solution I found was to save the camera zoom value in a scene variable for each frame and if the camera zoom is affected, access the previous value saved in that variable.
The events have to be in this order.