bug Linux- dark GTK theme ruins Start Page

This is the first thing you see when you open gamedevelop and you have a dark gtk theme:

Changing the “appearance” options can’t remedy it.

The project manager is what really concerns me, why is it all black?

It’s background is black.
Note that in the screenshot no project has been opened yet.

I like having a dark interface for the desktop, because it emits less light+ it’s less distracting.

I am guessing that the problem is partly allowing the user’s desktop settings affect gamedevelop’s theme.

This is old bug. It’s just that some apps are incompatible with dark themes either doing it partially like GD or making things like using black text on default background (now black), the last I’ve seen in FF.

I guess that if I manage to change the start page background to set it to the system background color, it should be better.
Are there any other window or dialog in GD which is not adapted to dark theme?

I don’t think there are any other really obvious ones.
Wouldnt it be better if you make gamedevelop not listen to the system theme and use it’s own settings to control how it looks 100%.

It has theming options, which the user will have to change around if the system theme doesnt play nice with them

Game Develop uses for its interface the framework wxWidgets which is using the controls provided by the system to render the interface. It allows to have a native look’n’feel on Windows and Linux instead of relying on (ugly) home made controls.
I pretty hate any software that does not use native controls: They often looks terrible and feels painfully slow.

Here the real simple and shiny solution is simply to make sure that the start page has the color wanted by the system. :slight_smile:

i see. You have a good point :slight_smile:

But wxWidgets can change color of controls AFAIK.

Not really, the result is often ugly as controls are not designed for having other color than the default one. Just look at this thread for an example: the start page background is forced to be white, and everything is ruined.

Well, you can force controls to be white.