bug linux- path finding html5 bug

When I try to run the path finding example in HTML5 mode, I get this error message pop up:

Unable to copy "/opt/game-develop/Examples/C:\Program Files (x86)\Game Develop\Examples\symbol.png" to "/tmp/GDTemporaries/JSPreview/C:\Program Files (x86)\Game Develop\Examples\symbol.png".

I checked the folder- permissions are fine.

The game doesnt load fully- gets stuck at 92%
Looking at the debug messages:

Hope this helps.

Some notes:
The example game works fine in native mode. When you switch to html5- that bugs it out.
After the html5 test, if you switch back to native mode and run it again, it works.

Hope this helps

Fixed. :slight_smile:
Just go in the image bank manager, and change the file of the resource called “symbol.png” from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Game Develop\Examples\symbol.png” to just “symbol.png” :slight_smile:

What caused the issue? Backslashes in path? If so, perhaps escape backslashes (change backslash to double backslash) in all names that become strings during compilation or use apostrophes instead of quotation marks.

No the path of the image just refered to a path on my computer instead of just being the filename of the image. I didn’t pay attention to the image I was using when creating the example.

another bug squashed! :slight_smile:
Well done!