Bug or just me?

I tried to use the new “button (panel sprite)” object with a tween but it dont scale in horizontal direction.
here is my “code”

with a normal sprite it works like expected but with the new button it only scales vertically, so i have a small stripe but not the button i expected…

is is like it shoud look…

here is the result from the code above:
i can see it, scale vertically, but thats all…

Hi Supermicha, it’s not you, it’s the button. I tried a few things to get it to work like writing the text label to the button after the tween finished, but I either got the same result as you or weirder. Mostly weirder where the button would stretch way too far vertically to hold the button label text. I changed the font size to very very small and the vertical stretch didn’t happen. However there’s no way to change the font size with actions.

If I made the scale about 1.8 or larger the button would grow and then disappear to be replaced by a black rectangle.
It’s probably not a bug, but just something that is unfortunately not suitable at the moment for the buttons.

Great to hear that it’s not my fault.

Maybe it will be fixed or changed in a futur version.