BUG Tween and Duplicate Object

I tried to tween separately an object using Object Variable (Stages) but it’s not working. then i tried to duplicate the Play object and gave it different name (PlayStage) but the tween also works on that object too. Also when i create new object with same sprite it doesn’t show anything eventhough i’ve already set the layer correctly and there’s no script that hide the new object.
Note: When i duplicate the fourth PlayStage it doesn’t work like the other 3. In the video i change Object Variable of different object (My Mistake) but this tween works on same object with different Object Variables. No Group Object involved in this bug.


Edit: Bug Fixed when i restart the Gdevelop App

Same here I fixed in my game creating a png for every different button and get it to work correctly, not a clue way if the png of the sprite has the same name it doesn’t work