Bug with Z-order on custom objects inside layous

2024-04-08 16-20-37
A bug i found while placing a custom object in a layout on top of a tilemap.
The custom object seem to always be in tha back of the Z-orders inside of layouts.
Gif shows what i am talking about…

There’s a similar 3 week old bug report. I don’t see any responses from GDevelop.

Yes, saw that, but wasnt sure if i should still post this since i have the total opposite Z-order problem, but thought i wuld post it, and post in the forums for the fist time too :slight_smile:

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That’s fine. Welcome to the forum.

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it might be something related to layers. Buttons are known for being UI sprites(User Interference). So they are expected to always on top in scene editor for the editor or developer to easily understand the position and z but i dont know this might also be a bug maybe :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:.
Try creating a new layer putting it in the bottom and then setting the buttons to that layer.