Bugs in Game Develop 3.2.63

Hi Ian.

In the scene editor when you open any sprite object, the srite editor does not work correctly in the preview…scroll bars do not update the image, you have to click in the image to get it updated.

Is there any form to get the size of the sprite objects? i see that in properties you can set the size…but how to know the actual size?

In the Castledoodle examples the arrow keys do not work properly…the main character gets continuosly blocked when you try to move it to right or left.

Ian, a basic sprite creator as in Construct Classic would be great.

Anyway GameDevelop looks great…

What is the purpouse of the mask in grid?


Use :

Object.Width() or Object.Height()

in an expression ( For example : Do =Object.Width() to variable MyVariable ).

Indeed, this is the physics engine that does not handle the corner of platforms properly. To avoid this, uses large platforms instead of multiple small platforms.

I do not know if it would be really useful. :confused: Maybe even counter productive?

Displaying the window’s mask in the editor allows to preview the size of the window: It is useful to position user interface objects for example.

Hi Ian…

When i speak about size of sprites i do not mean about get it with code…i mean to get the size of the images in the object properties or preview windows of the sprites…it would be usefull to get that information in the object properties, even if later i want to change its sizes in their properties.

About the problem with the arrow keys mostly happen in the floor wich is continuous (no platform)…is there any way to fix this? Can we use other way to make platforms and jumps without physics engine? implementing maybe another physics engine maybe? which one is used box2d,chipmunk?

thanks for the great work Ian