Bugs that skip multiple scenes

Hi, I have a problem with GDevelop. I made a kind of game with 5 scenes, with the condition that if I press a button I go to the selected scene, but as soon as I start the preview or press the button I skip 2 or 3 scenes. I happened to be in both linux and windows. What is it?

Please show your events.

Without seen your events I just can guess you need a Trigger Once when you press the button

If every scene has this event, it is because all actions are processed every frame. You are moving to the next scene, the key is still pressed, so it is then moving to the next scene. Etc.

This is because as humans we cannot release a key fast enough for it to only be one frame.

You can try any key released, but you probably are better served by setting up a global toggle variable. Search the wiki for the toggle tutorial.

Can you please show me how to do? Also thank you

just change your event from “key is pressed” to “key is released”