Bullet as fast as can't touch player

Hi everyone, I need help, I’m using “fire bullet” behavior for a boss firing to player but I want the bullets go 10000 px/s and with this speed the bullets flash through the screen so in some areas are not in touch with player so they’re not hurting.

What can I do to make the bullets not disappear even with this speed so they can hit the player?


Maybe, check distance between player and bullet is less than 25 px, damage player

Ok, will try it, and tell if works

didn’t work, it still “jumps” the player, I could take a SS and painted the way it goes:

Any idea?

I don’t want to add more pixels of distance cause if player dodge the bullet it will hurt him anyway :confused:

If Player’s sprite width = 32, then keep the distance 32

I set 50 px (more than player width) but still not hitting :confused:

Then, reduce the speed.

I know is the speed I’m using cause in 1000px /second the bullet not flashing as it moves and hits the player, but with slow movement of bullet players will make fun of the boss

Try finding a speed that will not spoil the fun of boss and hits player as well. I remember someone saying that, if an object goes so fast then it will one pass through another object with whom was meant to be colliding.

At 60 FPS that’s ~167 pixels per frame.

At that distance, I’d suggest you use a raycast from the bullet’s position for about 170 pixels in length along the bullet’s trajectory. It’s all approximate figures, so you may have to tweak them to get it working to a satisfactory level.

what’s a raycast? never heard about it before

See these tutorials

and read about it here

thanks! -----------------------