Bullet trail problem

Im trying to give my rocket projectile a smoke trail using the particle emitter but there are a couple of problems:

  1. If I place the action underneath the fire projectile from a point, at position. then the particle just spawns from the point where the bullet was created and it doesn’t stick to the bullet.

  2. if I place it by itself then the particles will stick to the bullet but there’s a problem, it only attaches itself to 1 bullet at a time, say if 5 bullets were fired then the first bullet gets the particle but not the remaining ones, and if the first bullet gets deleted then a newly created bullet will get the particle but not the other bullets that are created afterwards.

I know of a solution that does not involve the particle system
Do inverse Rocket distance to Smoke Object | Create object Smoke Object at X= Rocket.X() Y= Rocket.Y()
That way whenever any rocket is a distance away from a smoke object, it will summon a smoke object at that rocket
Then make each Smoke Object constantly decrease opacity (And Size if you want), when they reach 0 opacity, delete the object
This does have the consequence of not having a solid trail, or at least one that is easy to make.
If you want a solid trail, have the object create while still inside the rocket, and instantly put itself on a lower Z than the rocket, it might not work, or be buggy, but that’s all I can think of to do.

I don’t know why but this line of code fucks up whatever I put down below it

everytime I put a create an object command below it, it screws up the said command which just ends up spawning an object at the point where a projectile spawns from a gun and doesn’t attach itself to the projectile.

There is condition
Object just fired bullet

You can use that for each bullet to have it’s own emiter

On top of that there is action to check if objects are linked you can invert that condition
So it will check for each object which is not linked to object2
This way you can add action to it to link emiter to object

And in addition to that if you right click your events you can choose Add and add for each

So you would add for each bullet
(INVERTED) take into account bullets linked to emiter

Create emiter at x1 y1
link emiter to bullet

And now you can have your event for moving emiter to move emiter to bullet position as separate event

And when bullet hit something you simply delete 1st emiter THEN the bullet

And that is all

Language please.

This is one way. It uses the sticker behavior on the emmiter to stick it to the missile. This creates a new emitter each time. So, there doesn’t need to be one on the scene already. It’s slightly different from yours adjust it as needed.

It uses the sticker condition to pick the emitter that’s stuck to the picked missile. It’s similar to the object linking. It would work the same if it’s after the distance condition. The sticker condition is under [other] not the object. The stick to action is under the emitter as long as the emmitter has the sticker behavior.

Edit: As usual, some events with instances need a for each object IDK if this does. It works for me in limited testing. It depends if multiple things can happen at the same time and the condition/actions.

I really really do not understand what am I doing wrong here

I’m sorry but I’m so so frustrated in this, I thought that putting trails on a projectile was simple but has honestly gotten me so frustrated and irrate.

Are you using the right name for the point and is the point in the right position?