Bullets chasing me!

Hey all. Long time no talkie!

Thanks to all of you and all of the help and lessons you have given me, I am VERY close to completing and releasing my First game. :mrgreen:

I still have a few things I need help with a few items. I will get to each one as the previous is corrected.

This time. I have an issue with ammo again. I still don’t fully understand the Automations, in particular the Physics or making an item a bullet and having it function with its own force. Right now. In the below SS’s, I have a round ship. This ship has a rotation animation and 12 points that produce a bullet that needs to fire in the direction oif the cannon that created it. THis all functions fine.

I had the code line (But I removed it just before taking the Screenshots trying to play with it and make it work):

Add to B60CAmmo a force, angle: BossL60.Direction() degrees and length: 500 pixels

The code itself works as it is supposed to. THe bullets fire in the direction of the boss ship. But, rather than continuing on and off the screen if they do not collide, after they are fired, the bullets will move in the direction of the boss ship, essentially following the Player ship. I end up flying in circles around the screen with a continuosly growing flock of stalkerish bullets all trying to foind out if that rape scene in THe Shawshank Redemption was real.

Any toughts? If you want the images/full folder, message me, I’ll zip and get it on to the FTP.

And as always, thank you all so very much for wanting to help. It’s just so damned rare to find nice people on forums like this!

Instead of fire bullets to the direction of the cannon, when you create the bullets, set the bullet direction to be the direction of the cannon, and fire the bullet to it own direction. This way every bullet is created going to be independent from the direction and position of the cannon and can forced to move on it own, permanent direction as it should.