Button activated without clicking

Hi there! I found a strange bug: The button is located near the edge of the screen. The cursor is first on the button and then move above edge of the screen without clicking. In this case, the button is activated, although in conditions we need a click.


What happens (cursor moving without click):

GDevelop version is
Sample project: dropbox.com/s/bxi97zdacdcvo … g.zip?dl=0

It’s because that object is overlapping scene window and your event is when cursor touch the object + when you release mouse button. I think it release the mouse button when you don’t touch the scene window. Like when you touch your mobile phone and slide your finger of the screen, phone does not react your touch when finger is out. when you but that object in both stages in the middle of the screen, there is no more “bug”.

Hope you understand my bad explanation :smiley: