Button event handling and animation

Faced with such a problem. I need to explain to the children how to do animation by pressing buttons, for example, I have 10 animations, different fighting techniques and they turn on when the buttons are pressed. The player walks and performs different combat combinations. But the system itself is so complex that I sometimes have difficulty understanding. In general, I did all the tricks. And even reception if the button is pressed and hit once. But the system itself that I had to do is how to assemble a terminator, without instructions.

there is a thought - not to invent such a bicycle. A function is needed in the keyboard - that the key is pressed once and the action must be performed from and to.

control q - salto
s and up - kick
up,left,down,right -move
mouse L and Right - kick 1 -2

maybe it can be done somehow easier??? so that you can play animations normally.

Unfortunately, you need to avoid all animation conflicts and it takes a lot of events/conditions to do so.
That being said, maybe you’ll want to look at this:
There’s an example project at the bottom of the page.