Button on phone screen doesn´t work

Hello, thanks for the help… I have a button that works perfectly on Pc, but when I touch the same button on a smartphone or tablet it doesn’t work and I cant continue playing. Ive tried to change the position of the commands but it doesn’t work, the problem goes on just on touch screens. Could you help me, please?

These are the commands that I used:


Hi try with this other condition
Touch or Left mouse button is down

Plus add a Trigger Once on this condition too.

I appreciate your help. Thank you very much. I tried to add the command but I noticed that I don’t have that option using OR, is it a different way to write that combination of commands? Thanks for your answer!

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Thank you very much UlisesFreitas, I wrote the commands and it works. Thanks.:smiley:

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I tested it yesterday.
All 4 work on mobile, 2-4 also on Pc.
1 & 3 directly when you come in with your finger
4 directly when you put your finger on it
2 when you put your finger on it or come in and remove your finger on the button

In most cases I would recommend 4, it keeps the release button behavior on the Pc.

And I think phone-browser and phone-app don’t work the same. That could be why “Released” didn’t work for you but it did for me.


With virtual joypad, I usually add at begin of game the action:don’t move the cursor"

Thank you very much friend