C++ files

Is it possible to compile down to a c++ file rather than an exe.?

Game Develop generates internally C++ files which are then compiled, but it would make no sense to export a game to a C++ file, as the files created internally rely on GD specific features ( and are rather unreadable. )

Well is there a way to include my own C++ files in a GD game? For example, can I make an interface for backgammon in Game Develop, but have the AI coded in C++?

Yes, you can include C++ files in a GD project (but GD does not support library linking).
To do that : Right-click on the name of your project (in the project manager) > Selection “Edit the property of the game” > Tab “C++ sources”. Then, check Use C++ sources in your project.
Warning : You must configure GD using the button “Configure GD to use C++ sources file” and donwload a specific version of MinGW, Boost, SFML…

A new categorie appear in the project manager “C++ sources files”.

But, I’m not sure this feature has been updated with the last version of GD (because GD’s version become 2.0 recently)

Thank you Victor :slight_smile: