cacoonjs and alternatives - whats the best choice for GD

Hi, I was wondering if we can start talking and hopefully get together some more information on deploying html5 games to android with this engine.

Has anyone actually managed to get anything running? Are there any tutorials on how to do it?
Does GD have any support for these containers and which one is the best choice to go with?

Here is some info from scirra’s forum: … &start=100

Some info from multimedia fusion forum, criticising construct2’s exporter: … d-exporter

Also, Construct 2 doesn't export native Android apk. It just let you export in a special format that make you be able to use third party services like Appmobi or CocoonJS...That is just embeded Html 5. Performances are nos the same.

html5 containers: gameclosure,crosswalk,cacoonjs,appmobi, etc … -crosswalk … o-cocoonjs

HTML5 games made with GD already run fine in Android devices, not sure about iOS, i don’t have one.

I exported the MAGNET example to web, copied them to microSD card in my Android phone, it worked fine in the browser…

i guess, iOS als launches the game fine. If you’re talking about APK for publishing to the App Store, then that’s another story.

Phonegap or something could be used i think.

CocoonJS is working with games exported by GD excepted that sadly texts are not rendered properly (it seems they does not support the way Pixi.js, the underlying JS library used by GD for rendering, handles texts), at least the last time have tested.
Intel XDK is pretty easy to use and an option should be added to the next version allowing to export a game packaged for it. For now, you can already use it! Just be sure to activate fullscreen at the launching of the game using the appropriate action. Export the game, then create a new Intel XDK project and finally put all files exported by GD in the Intel XDK folder.
You can then test it using their emulator and/or build an APK for Android (choose Crosswalk for better performance) or a iOS app. :slight_smile: