Camera appear in nowhere

When I click on preview, my camera appears somewhere I don’t know, but in the editor, it’s fine. I’m using the smooth camera and the smooth platformer camera.

My code (its in spanish srry):

Hi, I can’t read Spanish but my guess is that the limit of the camera is set wrongly?

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Unfortunately I cannot understand a single thing in that image but Ive had a similar issue.

Firstly, if the camera still moves as you move but its just really far away (you could test with textured background) itll probably be the value of how close the camera follows the player. Maybe a missed decimal couldve made it go crazy if you get what im saying.

If the camera just quickly jumps to a random place on your map when previewing and diesnt move from then itll be something else. Check that the name of the character is right in the code and also that the character is on stage (it may seem stupidly obvous but ive done it).

If it still doesnt work then there should be a tutorial on youtube about smooth camera movement you could watch.


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Hi Hibisco. Like reina, I also think you should check your camera limits.

Make sure izquierda and arriba are the x and y co-ordinates of the top left limit (purple circle in my drawing).

Derecha and capa are the x and y co-ordinates of the bottom right limit (orange circle in my drawing).

I found this very confusing when I first used it so maybe this will help.