Camera darts to checkpoint after death

How do I prevent the smooth camera from darting back to the player spawn point after death?

I’m creating a platformer. Everything works as intended. The only issue I have is that when a player dies, the camera scrolls to the player’s respawn point (at a checkpoint) at dizzying speed while catching up to the player. This is very disorienting.

How do I slow down the scrolling or make it instantaneous to an x coordinate after death?

Thanks in advance.

How about you add condition to your event where you use camera
Player health is higher than 0 (assuming you kill it by losing all HP)

And now it will only work if player is alive
Now you can use whatever you want to move your camera smoothly wherever you want
For example use some number variables or something
And use tween variable actions to smoothly increase X and Y pos

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Turn off centre camera on player, and use:


For the duration, you can base it on the distance from current position to checkpoint, so it doesn’t race along for far distances, or crawl for short distances

Something like :

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