Camera Focus on Current Level


I’m trying to create a game with 10 levels.

When a player is on the menu screen, I want camera to focus only on the current level

Eg. If player completed level 4, next time they come on menu screen, camera should focus on Level 5 object.

Level 1 to 4 will have completed icons (tick mark eg), level 6-10 will have locked icons and level 5 will have unlocked icon

Pls suggest ideas to do this

Have you tried setting camera focus on the unlocked icon sprite?

Thanks will try it out. Is there a way to show only current level, current level -1 and current level +1 in the menu, similar to angry birds etc

It’s very possible. Make each level selection 1/3 of the width of the screen and display them horizontally would be a simple way.

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