Camera Shake from higher falls

Hey so I’m a total noob, but I have been trying to figure out how to do this one simple but tough effect. I watch the tutorial from Wishforge on youtube but it’s not quite the effect I’m looking for because it offsets my screen. I would however like to implement the effect using the camera shake extension.


Hi TeeJay,

Okay, and what is holding you back to use the extension?

I did… but the problem I’m having is it doesn’t do it when I want the shake… for ex… I want the character to let’s say jump from a tall building and when it collides with the ground it shakes the camera… it does do it… but I only want the event to happen only then not from a regular jump and then landing…

That’s what I plugged in… but not getting desired results…

Of course you have to set this in your conditions. At the moment the screen shake is triggered when PlayerHitBox is in collision with ground floor, no matter how far you are falling.

Taking the current falling speed is a good idea but it does not work as single condition because after the collision the speed will be 0.

My suggestion would be to use state variables. When PlayerHitBox is falling and the falling speed is above a specific value, a boolean object variable is toggled and the shake is only triggered after the variable was toggled.

I tested it and it works, the events look like this (I just used quickly the shake object extension instead of the screen shake):

Since my solutions are usually not the best, you could also wait until some else is giving their suggestion.