Camera Shaking issue 📹

So, In my game, when you’re talking to an NPC, and the command “shake” s called, the camera shifts it’s centering to the shakecam object located on the “shakelayer”, and the shakecam shakes, in order to make the screen shake.

External events

Scene events (For cutscene.)

Problem is, when it does the shaking…(The red dot is the shakecam)

Not shaking

It goes to it’s position of origin! (where I placed it on the workspace)


I tried setting the center camera action so that it moves to the shake layer when focusing on the shake cam, but the screen stays still while the dot is shaking. So I set it back the the events above.

What should I do?

Use the Camera Shake extension instead. No need to faff around with so many object to focus on, or keep track of a multitude of variables.

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Wait, there was a camera shake extension this whole time? I gotta check the extensions list more often…