Camera Zoom only zooms on the object it is following

So I have 4 layers, GUI, Foreground, Base Layer, and Background. When my character is created it is placed on the Base layer, and all of my other objects are on on layers to start with.

I want to have the camera follow the character while also being zoomed in 2x. But when I zoom in, it only zooms in on the object that the camera is tracking. (In this case the character)

But if I take an object off the layers, it zooms just fine. Except for the Foreground and GUI layers for some reason.

So I am really confused, here is a .zip of my project files.Tower of (26.5 KB)

If you open up the change camera zoom event, you will see in the second slot down (layers) it clearly states base layer if empty. That means, if you leave that box empty like you did, it will change the camera zoom on your base layer. You need to add in 3 more events to zoom in on your other layers too. e.g. change camera zoom and put “GUI” in the layers box.