Camera !?!? -.-

So i need a Cam that is used in the platformer tutorial, but it isnt working for me.
I dont want the cam activated from beginning.
So i made it this way:

Start button is pressed > Events,events,events…
(subevent) no condition > center camera on player(layer: , camera: 0 ) /or defaul camera

why isnt this working ?

even if i use it from the beginning without anything happining before it just wont work :confused:

Why are you using a sub event ? Remember that a sub-event can be executed (obviously if its conditions are true) only if the parent event is executed (its own conditions also true).
In your case, the camera is centered at the player only when the start button is pressed at the second event is a sub event of the first one. Just put the second event directly in the events list without a parent event.