Can an object group share the same animation name?

I have a group object for my enemy types and I was wondering if they can all share the same animation names? I want to save up some space for my events and just so I can just tell an entire group to turn to the right or left if the player is right beside them or not. if it’s not possible are there other ways other than resorting to variables? because variables for me are pretty tricky to understand in the moment.

I suppose you can. I believe the engine will have to go through the object names first anyway, so that should be able to differentiate which animation goes where. Although, I could be wrong, of course. To be sure, do a test run and see how it goes.

I do not use names i use numbers but principal behind it is exactly the same
I am using exactly what you are asking for just with animation numbers
I could go with names but i am too lazy

Yes you can. Select that group and for event or condition use Animation (by name). Now in the dropdown box to select the animation name you want, it will have no selections. It will just say Choose an animation and not offer you any selection or let you type anything. So hit the blue bar that says Use an expression. Now simply type your animation name in quotes, such as “Left”.