Can anyone help me design such a game?

Can anyone help me design such a game?

A picture appears
And there are buttons to choose the correct answer?
Am I expecting it difficult because so many buttons have to be designed for a lot of options?
Can any genius help me simplify it for me ??
like this :blush:

how should the ui look, i can design it for u

Many thanks, creative
As you wish I only want the code
And I can design
I want the picture to appear to the player with a question
And choose the answer from within the buttons below
And move to the other level?

In that case, ask for code not for design :wink:
Generally though, pretty much nobody will agree to code your game for you. The people who do code without getting money back do it because it helps other people, not for the personal benefit of someone else. It’s like a painting, you can make one and give it away to a museum for free because you are generous and let people see your art, but no one will make a painting and give it to a shady internet person so he can sell it :wink: .

Tldr; programming is labour, if you want something coded for your personal interest, either do it yourself or pay someone to do it. No one will do it for you for free.


Are you sure about that, ima help because i’m looking for people who need help with code for free.

Yes, I am sure that pretty much nobody would “help” someone by working for them for free. If you want to offer free labor, good for you, that doesn’t mean that everyone would.

yeah, maybe you’re right, i’m gonna help him.

As long as its not gonna be real hard that it takes me the rest of the month. I’m off on Thursday but i’m not sure when to be back, maybe next year?

:roll_eyes: I don’t know what you mean … but I’ll wait

Are right :money_mouth_face:
But there are good people like you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart_eyes:

You don’t actually put text in a button. Instead you have a blank button image, with text object on top. Then you just set the text to whatever characters you want.

I know this is what I mean
Can you make a simple example to illustrate the idea?
I’m a beginner :sob:

Create a sprite object with a button image. Put it on the scene
Create a text object, add text to it, and position it over the button sprite. Make sure it’s z order is greater than that of the button sprite.

I suggest you have a go at the tutorials instead before asking for more help. What you’re asking for is basic stuff, and it comes across like you haven’t looked up anything, and instead are trying to get others to tell you how to code. We’ll help if you get stuck or don’t understand anything, but you have to make an effort yourself first.


to much to pproceess

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