Can anyone help me with this?

First, I apologize for any translation errors. And thanks to the people who answered my previous post

I am new in Gdevelop and I am developing a tank game but I have some doubts and I hope you can answer them

1. aliasing
In the video you can’t see it correctly, but in person it is very annoying

Click Here
2. Move boxes
How can I move the boxes like in the video

Click Here

i see that become slow for the first but i can not explain ! for the second, i think for move boxes: Event /// conditions // objects // position // separate two objects !!! Send me your project for i see better to help you :wink:

Use the Physics 2.0 behavior to move boxes around like that.

For first question do you want to turn off aliasing?
It’s in top left (two paper icon), Project Manager, then Project Settings. Change aliasing to “pixel perfect games”.

Thank you very much for answering. Ok, here I send you the link of my project

I understand that safety is important. So I send you this capture of Virus Total

Thank you so much

I’ve tried it in a thousand ways but I can’t do it. Can you explain? I send you the link of my project in case it is necessary

Thank you so much

You must do that to move the box ! for your other problem, i think its normal in gdevelop ! i have every times…

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1- I don’t understand what is the question.
2- use physics 2.0 and Top-down movements