Can GDevelop actually publish to Steam and mobile?

Hi, how is it going? I found out about GDevelop by looking for new engines (it was almost coincidence really) but I liked what I saw!

Just wanted to know, in the current state of the engine, can you export a finished game to Steam, Android and IOS? Thanks!


You can publish on Steam but we have no tutorial for this, it’s possible because this game is maked with GDevelop.

For the others questions all responses are on the website.

Well for iOS it needs extra tools and a100$ lisence and for steam you need 100$ per game and 100$ again just for registering

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Oh that´s cool, I understand those are requirements of Steam and IOS (and the 25 USD from the Google License too), as long as everything is fine on GDevelop!

I didn’t include Android because there are other ways than the Playstore (distributing directly the APK, Aptoide, Amazon app store etc) that are free.