Can I attach or pass my object with Physics 2.0 behavior in my behavior?

I have several different objects. All of these objects use Physics 2.0 behavior. I also try to write behavior for each object that would control the movement of each object using Physics 2.0 functions. But when I try, for example, in the OnCreated function(My Behavior) to call the “Apply impulse” function, the message “The behavior is not attached to this object …” appears. Can I attach or pass Physics 2.0 behavior so that it can be used in my behavior in standard functions(OnCreated, doStepPreEvents) without calling additional functions? Or is it convenient to use “External events” to separate the logic in such cases?

I’m not quite experienced with behaviors, but you can only pass behaviors in functions, so I think that’s what you want to use.
External events are less versatile than functions, I guess, but easier to make.

Thanks. Several times I tried to switch to using behavior and functions instead of external events, but I realized that external events are not obsolete, but necessary. And functions and behaviors are designed for simpler tasks.