Can I change the canvas size in HTML5?


This is the first time I try HTML5 in GameDevelop and I got a problem. I don’t know how to change the canvas size.
In HTML5 there is no event to change the canvas or camera size. If I change the camera size in the layer settings, doesn’t do anything.
Can I change the canvas size somehow?
I know I can zoom the camera, and I can zoom the browser too, but I would like to know if it possible to set the size of the game window in GD.


Indeed the canvas has for now a fixed size and cannot be resized. :neutral_face:
It should be implemented but I cannot guarantee it to be done within a short time.

Well, the canvas size is very important, because my sprites just looks very poor at this resolution, but as I mentioned before, some nice lights and shadows can improve a lot the visual experience even if the sprite quality is poor, so if you can add some nice lighting (what I have linked for JS and C++ I think pretty cool and free) that could placate me until we can change the canvas :smiling_imp:

But seriously, approximately how much time it would be to add feature to change canvas? Sometime next year?

If your sprites look poor, why not adjust the sprites?

How is it related ? You can zoom camera in/out if you want to display the scene as a different size.

Well maybe before next year, I don’t really know.

The sprite wont fit in to the window (canvas), and I have to scale down the sprites, because of the scale it lose the details.

That is not too bad then, even if you can add the feature sometime next year, not rushing anywhere :wink: