Can i only pause 1 scene

Can i pause only one scene ??
If i can pasue more than 1 then how??

If you mean the “Pause current scene and change to (scenename) scene”, then yes you can only natively pause 1 scene.

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:cry: :cry: :cry: But then how can i complete my game

Unfortunately, no one here will be able to give you guidance on making your game since you’re the one making it.

Keep in mind that every time you pause a scene, the previous scene is unpaused, so if you’re just wanting to pause different scenes that’s still possible, but if you’re wanting to pause numerous scenes at once, that’s not possible and you’ll need to come up with event logic to accomplish whatever you’re wanting to do (such as saving locations/states/etc as global variables when leaving a scene, then loading it again once you go back).


Ok I understood Now Thanks for your time and info