Can I think of the logic of rope mechanic like this?

So I’ve created a rope like this:

Basically, anywhere I click, I can swing back and forward at that position. But for me right now, it’s not realistic because… like Batman or Spider-man, you have to attach the rope to something (definitely not in mid-air) to be able to swing, right?

So this is how I think about the logic of the rope that I’m trying to make:

  1. First, I create an object called “grapple-helper” at the end of the line (where I click my mouse on)

  2. Second, if that grapple_helper collides with a platform, it creates a rope and then I can be able to swing on that platform. (and if not, delete that rope).

So, I try to achieve this by making a rope joint between the grapple_helper and the platform. Technically, I think of it like: if A links to B, B links to C, so therefore A links to C (like a chain-reaction). In this situation, if the player links to grapple_helper, then grapple_helper links to platform, thus I can swing at that platform.

I tried it and it didn’t work out. I suppose it because I don’t know how to make the grapple_helper “detect” when it’s colliding with a platform, or maybe I’m totally wrong about the logic of what I’m trying to make.

Are there any better approaches to this? I really want to hear from you guys.

(Below is a mess of what I did, but I would be really happy if someone can take look into it and spot out what I’ve done wrong:

AFAIK, the drawings are just drawings, they cannot interact like objects.

I believe you’ll find a couple of examples related to ropes and grapple hooks, either here or inside GDevelop.