Can resources affect performance?

I have so many resources in my game … hundreds … Does that affect performance in any way? Or is it just about the scene it self?

I don’t think it does. I think it only makes the size of the game bigger.


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I think like @IronWood.

Just avoid to use tons global objects (especially sprites with dozen of animations/frames), this can slow down scene performances with unused stuffs.
Also, try to optimize your ressources, it’s always a good point :slight_smile:


You can take a look on this page for the optimization, the french version is more advanced.

If you have some tip to add i’ll be happy to add the tip on the wiki page.

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I am currently creating a game and I had this images to serve as a parallax bg they were sprite objects and it reduced the performance of my game. I created a new tiled sprite object and used it instead of the sprite and I had a better performance.
Avoid using sprites with large resolution or don’t use sprite objects when what you want can be done with a tiled sprite. Use a tiled sprite for large resolution images.


Thank you so much everyone for helping : )
@Kink hmm… I see so does it matter to optimize the resources? And what do you mean by optimizing? You mean delete what is not used and uncheck load in memory, maybe uncheck smoothing for some objects? it cleaning the resources good for loading the game up maybe? Less resources means that the game will open faster?
@The_Gem_Dev that’s right yeah tiled sprites are better for bigger pictures, but I didn’t really see any difference with small pictures…I mean less than 300*300
@Bouh I’ll take a look, thank you : )

Yes, it could be summed up “less is more” :

  • remove unused contents
  • don’t use images bigger than the size you need to use on the scene
  • make the images with the smallest size possible : use png8 and a custom color palette for example + use a png optimizer like
  • Same things on songs, dont use stereo when it’s unnecessary, use variable bitrate (vbr) encoded ogg/mp3, 44.1Khz at max

Also, another advice, take a look on Vram usage when your game runs (for each scene) to see if scene aren’t just Vram eaters (wich can happen with sprites and too much frames). I dont really know how pixi is working with bitmap in Video ram, but the less Vram you use, the better it is.

For performance in general, try to use the profiler of Gdevelop to check what events are the most performance consuming (the less ms (milliseconds) an event take to execute, the better it is).


Thank you so much Kink, I’ll take these notes and work with them.