Can somebody fix my game?

I have tried a lot of things but I never get it working. I want to replicate the Food Drop minigame from the game Pou. I have the basic things ready, but I don’t know how to get the progressive food (and bad stuff) falling. Can anybody help me, please? I’ll leave a ZIP in this link. Thank you very much!

Edit: I, for fun, enabled Y-axis movement. You can disable it if you want.

You should mark this as solved

Why should I mark this as solved?

Hi, if you wonder why no one gave any suggestion so far: the title of your post is very unspecific and fixing an entire game sounds like a huge thing to ask.
I assume that not everyone downloads zip files from unknown sources (at least I don’t do that). It would be much better to post a screenshot of your events and give a description of what you want to do.

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Because, you solved it?
Perhaps it’s me understanding it wrong.