Can sounds be stored like objects and referred to in Events as if they were objects

Is there a way to import a sound or several sounds and refer to them in Events as if they were objects? I need this because I have a timer that periodically displays different object names and I want different sounds to accompany the various object names when they’re called. It would be nice to put the sounds in a group the same way that you do objects, then create an event that simply says: Repeat for each instance of Soundgroup: compare the string (Caller.Text::Value()=Soundgroup.Objectname(), if yes play the sound named in the caller text box.

Or is there a way to import a group of sounds so that when my caller displays an object name the game will also play the correct corresponding sound?

Short answer: no, you cannot

Long answer: audio files are treated as resources and not objects. You might be able to get close if you:

  1. Name your sound files the same as the respective objects.
  2. Install my Audio by Name extension from the extension list.
  3. Use the events form that extension to play the audio file using the object name expression as the audio file name.

You will not be able to replicate object groups in any way, though. This will also not let you compare audio file names.