Can the CG linux games run on Gp2x Wiz and Cannoo?


Can the exported linux games run on these great handheld open source game devices? (They use linux). If so there’s a great oportunity to greatly increase the popularity of CG.

thanks much.

I guess these device support a lighter version of OpenGL called OpenGL ES, in which case games won’t be able to run of the devices.
( If they support OpenGL, then games could possibly run on it ).

In the future, Game Develop will maybe be able to create games using only OpenGL ES, allowing some handheld devices to run games.

That would be wonderful. In fact, the day you get it working, I’ll buy you a Cannoo! I’m a professional game artist and think theres potentially a very strong niche market for original games made for these sorts of devices… There’s almost zero compitition for high quality games for these systems.

Good games and CG could become very popular to the handleld linux device crowd. To further increase the incentive for you to make it work, I can also promise you some percent of any proffit I make from the sales of any games I make using CG.

You can see some of my work at

In fact, Game Develop rely on a library ( a “programming toolbox” ) called SFML ( which use OpenGL. As long as this library is not compatible with OpenGL ES ( even if its author is interested in the possibility of making it compatible with OpenGL ES ), games won’t be able to run on handheld devices.
So I’m afraid I cannot guarantee you to make this possibility a reality.