Can there be a different kind of path movement?

Hello, I was wondering if a different type of path movement could be implemented into GDevelop where you can draw a path for an object with various nodes and the object then follows that path. This way you could make an object follow a path that zig zags and isn’t just a straight line. There could be an option to loop the path so that when the object gets to the end of its path it reverses. I used to use a program called The Games Factory which allowed you to do this. I know there is a path movement feature in GDevelop but it doesn’t seem to do what I am describing.


Here is a video of what that type of movement feature could look like: MMF2 Video Tutorial 18 - Path Movement - YouTube

It would make it way easier to make objects move in a predetermined path.

Dear Andrew,
Amazing that you didn’t get any response to your question.
Did you find a solution? I’m trying to use path movement also.
Thanks in advance.

Final topic kick. Is there nobody who can help?

Would the linked object extension be of use?