Can we make the app for one IP address?

I hope all of you are well, Now I created an app, I want to sell it but also I don’t want customers to share it, So I want the app to read the IP address for one device, and save it, the beginning when it reads some other IP addresses go to close or show a message with a warning for the user.

So this app would only be usable on the same connection it was purchased on?

I can’t speak for others but this would immediately be a no for me. No matter how much I needed the app.

Why do you think it is a bad idea? I want to benefit from the program that I will work on for months, and if I sell it to a client and then give it to someone else and someone else gives it to someone else, what do I benefit from that? I want to preserve my rights so that the program recognizes the IP and registers it within the program source so that downloading it conflicts with another IP.

A few things:

  1. There isn’t a way to customize the source code after exporting in the way you are talking about. At best you could store the IP address in local storage on the device, but it’d get wiped after reinstalling or if they wipe app data.

  2. Even if you could get and store the IP address, it is likely going to be their internal router facing address, which millions up millions of people have the same one, and not their ISP provided address, so there’s no level of security there.

  3. If you are releasing to a region covered by GDPR you would very likely run up against that privacy restriction (as you are using that data to specifically track an individual), which could lead to fines and or your app getting pulled from stores.

Your desire to have copy protection is fine, this method of doing so is highly improbable to work or be legal.

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Hi @kattan

IP address is assigned to the device through the connected network. So if the device connects to a different network, it will be assigned a different ip and the user won’t be able to use the app. Bad idea.

Another bad idea would be to use the device’s mac address. The user won’t be able to use the app on a different device.

The best option is to require account registration and authentication with an email, and link the purchase to the authenticated account.