Can you help me to build my game

Hello, can anyone help me to build my game on gdevelop, I’m new to d gdevelop, i need step by step guide on this topic, it just a small game, but i don’t know where to start and How🤷🏻‍♀️, if you anyone can help me, please help me, i will explain more about this game after anyone replying to this post🤝🏻

Here is gdevelop youtube channel

You should watch them from oldest to newest

BUT what you really should aim for is trying to make ONE SINGLE thing
Not whole game

For example try to make player firing bullet
Or player HP displayed by numbers taking hits if you press space
Or weapon rotate toward cursor

ONE SINGLE THING these are key words here

After you are able to make one part/logic of your game you can move to trying to make next one

You should learn how to make stuff not hope for others do them for you
Cause its you who should know how your game works and if you don’t you will be at mercy of others
Constantly asking on each step for help when something goes wrong or when you want to add something or modify something

There is nothing wrong in asking for help but if you ask ppl to do something for you instead of showing you and teaching you how to do it then i say you are doing yourself harm
And i see a lot of users did lost development battle with their game cause they were unable to progress on their own
And asking for help give them so little progress they just quit

But choice is yours