Can you make a hangman game?

Can you make a hangman game using GDevelop?

I’m sure yes, it’s pretty easy and simple i guess.

You want it multiplayer i guess ?

Yes, I’ve made a (super) simple example here, just 10 minutes :smiley: (21.8 KB)
But it seems that GD doesn’t have (yet) any lowcase-uppercase conversion, or char test (test if the last pressed key is a char or any other as arrows or Fx). But I think you can map them: a classic hangman game has a map of all the letters, pointing out which ones you’ve used before, so you could take advantage of that and not just mapping lower/upper-case on such object, but easily test chars and letters already selected :slight_smile:

How does it work, when I preview, it does not go to a browser?

I doesn’t go to the browser because I think it’s a native game project : you test it inside GDevelop (just click on “Preview” and you can test it inside GDevelop’s window).

I have two questions:

  1. How do you play this game? When I click on the preview, or the play button, nothing happens.

  2. What platform is this game meant for? eg. ios, android, html?

Ok, here you go: (24.5 KB)
I’ve made some modifications, but the next time, just change the Platform in the Extensions window, reopen the scene and choose the platform to preview under the preview button :wink:

The native platform generates compiled games for Windows or Linux (depends on your OS)

How do you exactly do this? Which Extensions window do I change the Platform in?

Double click in the Extensions icon (the last element of each project), a window will be opened, at the top of this window do a right click over a platform to de/activate it. If both platforms are enabled, you can select which platform to preview under the preview button in the scene ribbon :slight_smile:
A wiki article: