Cannot get Variables back from Database POST works but not GET

I’ve tried and looked at every example possible. Why can I not get Variables back from a database? I use a PHP file and have tried everything but no matter what I ge the value “0” in my text box. I even parse to JSON before putting it in the text box.

One example said to echo “hello world” in a file. Then leave the body content part empty and even that won’t work!

Please look at screen shots.

WHAT DO I Put in the Body Content SECTION??? Is there some other reason I cannot get anything back?

I followed their Online High scores tutorial and I could set-up an online leaderboard in PHP and HTML style, but what I REALLY WANT is to be able to build the leaderboard inside my game. Is it not working because my game isn’t uploaded to the same server my database is on? DO I HAVE TO have it online to get Variables back form my database or something?

I don’t understand why this is happening. It was the same with the Firebase realtime database. I could easily post stuff but it was impossible to get stuff back. That was why I decided to buy a hosting service with php myadmin. But I still can’t get variables back inside GDEVELOP. click on the image above and look at all three pictures. I swear I am doing everything right but no matter what I get ZERO in my text box.

I’m not too experienced at these things, but here’s a first issue, I think:

I’ve already tried to change it to a normal string. I’ve tried every combination of either a scene variable or a global variable. No matter what it retruns zero. And the messed up part is I can put the variables in the database. Either something is wrong with my formatting in the body content section, or gdevelop isn’t capable of bringing in a variable from a database unless it’s hosted online with the file is what I am thinking. Even their online high score exercise has them showing the Online High Scores on a PHP HTML style template. Is there no other way to bring a variable into Gdevelop from an external source? I know I am connecting to my database properly because the PHP file I mage even echos the result from the database. If that’s the case then why can’t I see the value in GDEVELOP? There isn’t one example online or any description anywhere that shows this simple process working. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE! Out there figure this out? I’m going to settle soon and just do an Online Leaderboard in HTML and PHP but I WOULD REALLY LIKE IT IN MY GAME!! It’s stupid to have the users go into their web browser when I could have it inside the game. This whole experience is making me want to quit using Gdevelop and learn how to program Android games from scratch. AT least then I know I could do it. I started using Gdevelop because it was so much easier to make games but I am definitely seeing a draw back here when no one can give me an answer on how to get variaBLES FROM MY DATABASE TO SHOW IN MY GAME.

I’m making a really cool music Rhythm game this time with 20 levels and I definitely think alot of people will like it. But I want a leaderboard of some kind and I even paid fgor hosting just so I could do it. But I really don’t want to settle for an HTML PHP version. So anyone please help!

I EVEN OPENED the parse JSON from API exercise and replaced the URL with mine and the PATH with Mine and it still gives me zero!!!

The example itself gives me ZERO! Now I know something is wrong with gdevelop.

If you think there’s an issue with an example, feel free to share the details.
But shouting won’t get you far.

If anyone thinks I was rude, I wasn’t meaning to be. I never capitalized anything to yell it I’ve just never used a forum before and didn’t realize it was rude.

As far as I can tell it’s in the Gdevelop programming that there is an issue because I cannot find any working examples of this on the internet. I have tried a thousand different combinations. I tried editing my .htaccess file and it just gave me a 500 error on everything, but I fixed that and it’s back to normal. Is it possible that I need a working SSL certificate? arthuro555 says that could be the issue but I was having these issues before I got this server using free services as well so I don’t think that matters.

If anyone has a working example of a Gdevelop file that pulls in variables from an external source could you please share it with me? Because I’m pretty certain it isn’t possible at this point. Why is it so easy to put variables in the database, but impossible to get the variables back?

Sorry for any offense I gave. I didn’t mean to and I really am sorry. Please check out my posts when you have time. All I want is a working example getting variables from a database I can follow. If my server is the problem, then maybe there’s a free one out there you could show me a working example with?

Thanks for your time.