Cant change volume of sound on channel 2 and up

So I got 2 volume sliders. One for Music and one for Sound. The music (channel 1) slider works but for some reason when i try using the sound (channel 2/3) slider, the volume doesnt change

Here is my code:

hopefully someone knows what going on or if i did something wrong. thank you for reading!

Hey Andrew, I think it’s because the sound and music “play” actions default to 100. You could probably use a variable or read the current channel’s volume. It probably only seems like the music is working because it only sets the initial value. If you change the volume while it’s playing, the volume changes.

Use the debugger to confirm the values of your global variables.

when i preview with the debugger, the debugger doesnt show anything even though the preview is running

Check the wiki if you don’t know how to use it.