Can't Create Object on Gdevelop Web Version, I think its a bug!

here’s link to the Video to make it easy to understand:

so I’m trying to create object at beginning of the scene >> 0:17
but it doesn’t spawn. even though I clicked B button. >>0:38
but then I try to update the preview and the magic happen, it just spawned and when I clicked B its Spawned too. >> 0:48
so is it a bug?
or am I missing Something?

Sounds like your position variables are not yet completely available in the first rendered frame.
I would try it as a sub event, or create it at 0:0 and then in a sub event set the position, or a 0.05s wait action before it.

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there’s actually no bug, my bad. I forgot 0:0 is not on my current Camera Screen. so whenever a Card created its not in my screen. and the reason the card show up when I’m updating my game is because there’s a Bool that’s set to true and function responsible for moving the Card Object is called and that’s why it show up after updating my game. Headache could be troublesome sometime but thanks for your time!

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