Can't disable gdevelop logo screen

hello im new at engine.

i was using it without problems until today, i have no subscription. i’ve built a lot of times and uploaded to itch io to try stuff. but today it doesnt allow me to disable gdevelop logo; directs me to subscription. i didnt have this issue before, is it related to last patch?

I don’t think so.
If you have no subscription, you get a warning if you try to disable the logo.
This has been like this for years.

yeah nevermind, just got subscription. i would already buy it.

Once there was a “bug” where 4ian was forget to link this feature to subscription. Maybe something like that happened this time again. If it not missing from a specific version, maybe if you subscribe, disable and then unsubscribe you still get to keep this feature until next update even if you no longer have a valid subscription?