Can't figure this one out.

Morning All. Once again the noob is stuck.

I will upload my events page. There area couple of issues.

First, my player lives and bonus lives are not working. Player starts with three lives and zero bonus lives. When the player dies, the game is supposed to check if there are any bonus lives, and if there is, reduce the number by one. If there are no bonus lives, it is supposed to check if there are any normal lives left, if so, remove one life. The problem is, when the player ship dies, the player hits the spacebar to reload the level,the code reduces Lives/Normal lives according to the above sequence. When I hit the space bar. Three lives are reduced to zero, the “reset” text and game over sequence go away, but lives reduce to zero (and in few instances keeps reducing into negative numbers). and the game will reset to the title page as if there were no more lives.

Second, this one ties in with the Lives/Bonus Lives problem. I cannot seem to get the end game sequence to work at all. As above, player dies, Check/check, if so, spacebar to continue, blah blah. I ave tried d3eactivating the Game over/goto title screen lines to see if they were interfering with the If >0 Lives/BonusLives part of the code, but at that point when the space bar is pressed when the player dies, the screen doesn’t do anything.

Third, I have noticed only the first power up I put in works. The +to life power will spawn, but none ofe the others spawn. To test this I set all of the power ups to 8 second respawn timer. Still, only the First power up spawns(+Life).

I think I have enough comments in to break down each part of the game code, at least I hope I have enough so it isn’t confusing to some one who isn’t involved with my game code. If there are any issues understanding it player holler at me.

As always, I really appreciate all the help this forum has given me. I am not “New” to coding, but I don’t know everything and that which I do not know seems to shut me down.

Thank you all :mrgreen:

RERefitted.gdg (230 KB)

I have not the images :unamused: , so I can’t test it, but try this:
RERefitted.gdg (232 KB)

Oops. I’ll zip the full file. And take a look at what uyou have done :slight_smile:

I sent the link to the FTP to you in a PM.

Here is it:
-I added an “OR” in the Space key condition when your lives > 0 OR bonus_lives > 0
-Many minor fixes and optimizations (sub-events and anti-bugs)
RERefitted.gdg (233 KB)

Thank you so very much :smiley:

GD should embed images/sound files inside project file. I know GDG is actually xml, but you can save images/other binary as text, using e.g. base64.