Cant' open examples within gdevelop5

Cant’ open examples within gdevelop5.:flushed:

A fresh gdevelop install doesn’t solve the problem (2 times tested).
What do i need to open each of this examples?
Do i need a account (My Profile) to do it? I don’t have one and if don’t need one i will not register (yet).
It does not work with and not without internet connection.

The Tutorials within gdevelop opens my browser.

Hi first check if your system meets the requirements to install GD, download from here choose your OS and click download.
Install just → right click on the .exe and run as Administrator.
Add an Exception in your Firewall to let GD to work as expected.
Run GD for the first time, and close it.
Open again so the folders needed are now created, then open any example and save it at least once.
Run the Preview.
I thinks that could be all.

My hardware is newer so i think GD requirements are smaller.
All outbound connections are allowed as standard too.

I’ve installed GD without right click on the .exe because if the app needs admin rights (what it do) it will aks for.

For the test only i’ve installed a third party tool and set the outbound connection to notifications to see outgoing connections which i must allow.
If i open GD for the first time, the “FW” notification pops up first with the notification for gd.exe to going out to the internet and i’ve allowed it.
Now, after GD is running, if i click on any of the tutorials the notification pops up for outgoing traffic only once and i allowed it.
So any of the tutorials can be visited with the browser - no problem!

By clicking on any examples nothing happens!

After installing by right clicking on the .exe and running as administrator, still failed due to a permissions issue, I went directly into the admin account and installed GD.

Result: Can’t open examples!
So same problem as before!

You don’t need network to open examples, they are bundled in the installer.
They’re stored here:



The folders are there (all). :thinking:
But in GD i can’t open it.
Ok, at the moment I have to go the roundabout way to open this.

Keep in mind you can view all examples here, too: