Cant run gdevelop

I am running Windows 8 on an HP laptop. I downloaded and installed gdevelop. Whenever I would click on the icon, nothing would happen, so I right clicked on it and selected Troubleshoot Program. It came back and told me that Gdevelop is an incompatible program. I thought something may have happened with the install, so I uninstalled Gdevelop. After the install, it said that not all components were uninstalled and would need to be uninstalled manually. When I tried to re-install Gdevelop, it keeps telling me that certain files are active and cannot be installed. So now I am stuck in limbo.

Can anyone tell me why the program would heave been flagged as incompatible, and what I should do next to get it working?

Well if you need to delete all the files before attempting a reinstall then try deleting the gdevelop folder.
Its probably somewhere like
C:\Users"username here".GDevelop
Then try reinstalling it?

What’s your HP laptop ?

You can always download the zip file and extract and run from there.