Can't seem to open games anymore

Windows XP pro
Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics
Dual core 2.8 GHz

GD will start, but when I try to open a game, however I try, the game won’t open.
The game will appear in the recent projects list though.

Thanks for any help.

Which version of Game Develop are you using? ( You can find the number by clicking on the Help button on the right top side of the window then on “About” )

I’ve just launched the latest version on Windows XP and the games are adding in the project manager as expected.
Try different means for opening a game:
-Drag’n’drop a file game on the GD window
-File > Open
-File > Open a example
-Click on the game filename in the recent project list.

Tried all those, the game appears in the ‘Recent projects’ list but doesn’t open.
I’m using version 2.1.10939.55108.

Edit: I re-downloaded it and it seems to be working fine now, really sorry about that.

Really strange :astonished:
Glad it works now :slight_smile: