Cant use Tile Object

Everytime i go to the second window the app crashes

Have you selected a picture and configured the tilemap (the size of tiles, …) ?

yes. does it have to do with my image

Which OS ? Windows, Linux ?
Can you give us your image ?
(Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce the bug :frowning: )

Sorry, but I’m not able to reproduce the bug.
Which OS do you use ?

windows 7

There is an example provided with GDevelop (to open examples, go to Open > Open an example) called “Platformer with tile map object.gdg”. Open it, then edit the tilemap object and tell me if it crashes.

Ok, caught the bug.
It happens only when the tile size (that you have set up in the first window) is bigger than the texture itself. So, try to use a tile size equal or lower than the texture.

I will fix this bug to avoid crashes (but the object will refuse a size bigger than the texture).

s is what im gonna do imma try it on my compter cuz im using a library laptop

ok thanks