Capabilities GD

Hello everyone!!
I’m new to GD.
Is it possible to create games such as:
puzzle 15 and match 3.
Thanks to all:sunglasses:

Yes GDevelop is capable of it.

Is there a lesson on creating a two-dimensional array?
Waiting for help…:солнцезащитные очки:

There are currently no Arrays in GD but they can be emulated using Structures. To make a 2d array you would make a structure containing structures.

I tried to read the wiki, but still did not understand how to create Structure variables.
I understand on JS, but not in the event editor:мышление:

You can absolutely create puzzle 15 with GDevelop.

This is an example of declaring and using structured variables (scene variables and object variables) as multi-array

For puzzle 15 I suggest using one-dimensional array and “mod” operation

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