Change a pixel colour

I’d like to have my screen divided in as many as possible little squares, white or black. So far I used a single black sprite with a white background.
But I wonder if it’s possible to directly control the colour of a pixel…? In order to turn them either black or white.

The tint action can color a white object into any color, including black.

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Thanks, I’ll check that.

However my problem was that, performance wise, I thought maybe to build a thousand or more instances could be heavy.
Instead of that I was wondering if I could directly tell gdevelop this : " set pixel (x;y) to black ", directly changing pixel, without any objects/instances.

Sorry if my question is meaningless. With my poor computer science knowledge, I don’t know if what I’d like to do is even doable and has a meaning according to how a computer and gdevelop deeply works…

Yes, adding millions of objects to the scene might get heavy. :grin:

Maybe you should explain what you’re trying to achieve :slight_smile:

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If I remember correctly, there was an extension that could do that or at least something similar.
Try using that. You might achieve what you want.

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Actually I’m just trying to test some things, like making visual effects with pixels that would turn white and black, according to mathematical fuuction, just to draw a moving effect.

That’s just an idea, and I started with instances but since I’d need a lot of black and white squares, I was wondering if it’s possible to directly modify a screen pixel, instead of having objects.

Thanks, I’ll check that too.